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Luxury Hotel Pillowcase

Pillow covers are one of the most important parts of your bed as they keep you away from allergen and they also help in extending the longevity of your pillow by keeping them clean and away from direct contact. That’s why here at Chaba, we offer a wide range of pillowcases. We make sure to use the best materials for making our special pillowcases which offer complete comfort and luxury at the same time.

Chaba is one of the most trusted and reputed names in the linen industry and that’s why people choose us without any second thoughts. From mattresses to towels we offer a wide range of products at an affordable price range and without compromising on the quality. Whether you are looking forward to buy luxury pillowcase or budget-friendly pillowcases, at Chaba, you will find it all.

You should never buy pillowcases from your local market as you will not get many options in the local market and you will also have to pay a high price for the product you purchase. In addition to this, you will also get the pillowcases delivered to your home if you choose Chaba.

Features of Chaba’s Luxury Hotel Quality Pillowcases

Soft- One of the best qualities of the luxury hotel pillowcase sold by Chabra is softness and comfort. We understand that no one wishes to compromise their comfort while sleeping and that’s why they choose fluffy and soft pillows. If you will cover your soft and fluffy pillow with our pillowcases then you will enhance its comfort and most of our clients refer us to other people because of the softness of our pillowcases.

Easy to maintain- All our pillowcases are machine washable so you don’t have to decide whether to put the pillowcases in machines or not. We have designed our pillowcases in such a way that it becomes very easy to maintain them and you don’t have to wash them regularly.

Economical price- If you are looking for the best luxury hotel quality pillowcase and are not ready to spend a fortune then Chaba is the best choice for you. Our whole range of pillowcases can easily fit into your budget and you don’t have to compromise on the quality as well.

The Benefits of Choosing Chaba Pillowcases

Keeps your pillow clean

If you want your pillow to remain clean for a long period of time then you should definitely use our pillowcases as they act as the first line of defense for your soft and cozy pillows. With use and advancement of time, pillowcases get filled with skin cells and dirt just like our bed. By using our pillowcases, you will prevent your pillow from getting grubbier and that’s why you should put on a pillowcase whenever you buy a pillow. This will also help you in extending laundry cycle.

Keeps allergens away

All pillowcases at Chaba are made with tight woolen fabric and that’s how the pillowcase is able to keep dander and dust away from building up in the filing of the pillow. If you will buy good quality pillowcases then you can wash them with hot water and this is important because experts recommend washing your linen regularly in 130 degree water.

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, dust mites can trigger asthma and it can lead to allergy as well. These dust mites can be found everywhere in a house but their presence in linen is more. So, covering your pillow with a pillowcase will make sure that you keep yourself away from any type of allergy and help you in suppressing asthma symptoms because of dust mites.

Maintain the fluffiness

If you will use our pillowcases then you will create a double defense against all those body fluids that end up on your pillow. In addition to this, oils and dirt in the saliva can build up the weigh down the pillow and reduce its fluffiness. The fluffiness of your pillow is what you love the most and if you are not ready to compromise on the fluffiness of your pillow because of oil, dirt and saliva, then you should definitely use Chaba pillowcase. It has been seen that pillows with a pillowcase right from the beginning are able to maintain its fluffiness for a longer period of time.