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Plushiest Bed Linen Range from Chaba

Wake up in luxury with fabulous bedding collection from Chaba. From soft and patterned cotton to luxurious silk you can find the perfect bed linen range for your perfect sleeping needs. Our luxury bed cover sheets allow you to add the touch of luxury to your room. The range of bed cover sheets we carry will give you the comfort and coziness of the soft bed cover sheets which are used by hotels.

Luxury Hotel Bed Cover Sheets

Everybody chooses the right bed for themselves after spending a lot of time in research and analysis as bedis directly related to sleep which no one wishes to compromise. But just choosing the best bed won’t assure you that you will get a blissful sleep for long as maintaining the quality of your bed is also very much important in order to feel the comfort while sleeping. And that’s why, here at Chaba, we sell quality bed cover sheets at reasonable price.

We have a wide range of luxury bed cover sheets which allows you to not only keep your bed safe and increase its life but it also allows you to add the touch of luxury to your room. All our bed cover sheets are breathable in nature and they are machine washable. You will feel the comfort and coziness of your soft bed cover sheets which are used by numerous people and hotels.

The top three advantages of buying bed cover sheets from Chaba


One of the most important things to keep in mind while buying bedcover sheet is the size. Many people just go on buying a bed cover sheet without checking the size and when the buyer returns home with the cover, he realizes that it’s not fitting properly on his bed. You don’t need to take a measurement tape and measure the size of your bed in order to buy the right size cover as bed comes in basically three standard sizes:-

  • Single bed size
  • Queen size
  • King size

The single bed size is 3 ft X 6 ft, the queen bed size is 5 ft X 6.5 feet and the king size is 6 ft X 6.5 feet. So know what the size of your bed is and shop accordingly. At Chaba, we have all the three sizes of bed cover sheet and that’s why you don’t have to worry about your specific bed size while shopping from us.


Just like your pillow cover and blanket, your bed cover sheetalso comes in different material but the best material for bed sheet which is preferred by people from all around the world is cotton. It doesn’t matter part of Australia you live in, cotton will always be the best option for bed sheet material.

The cotton bed cover sheet feels very soft and it’s much cooler than all other types of materials. Cotton is known for its breathable nature and that’s why it absorbs and releases moisture much quickly. It is also very easy to wash, eco-friendly, ideal for every season and feels very comfortable. That’s why we sell only cotton bed sheets since they are the best material for bed sheet covers.


If you are buying luxury hotel bed cover sheets then price won’t matter for you, but if you are looking forward to buy it for personal use then you should never forget about the price while shopping for the best bed cover sheet. There is a wide range of mattress cover available on the online platform which ranges from $50 to $200 and that’s why shopping according to your budget will help you in choosing the best one. You should never get lured to high price as high price doesn’t always guarantee good luxury hotel quality bed cover sheets. At, Chaba, our collection of bed sheets will easily fit in your budget as we have kept our price very economical.