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Chaba mattress topper microfiber (King,Queen,Double size) 5cm thick

Mattress topper is a great product to nurture and comfort your sleep every night. Designed as a support product for cushioning, With a thick of 5cm, is spread on a normal cushion, giving the surface of the cushion a softer and more foam, better heat preservation. Mattress topper is especially smooth, soft with a very smooth and smooth surface that creates a pleasant and pleasant feeling.

  • Composition and standard of outerwear: TC233- 100% white cotton,smooth taflon
  • Yarn size 60SX40S
  • Weaving specifications: square woven 100/133 density 233 knots / 2.54 cm2
  • Fiber surface: Brush thoroughly against ruffled, scratched, anti-fur
  • Maximum fabric width: 290cm / fabric weight 300grs / m2
  • Tailoring sewing style: Using automatic blanching machine
  • Quilted shape: quilted 25cmx25cm, box shape sewing
  • Needle line: Sewing thread 4-density / 1cm density
  • Border: piping edging
  • Elasticity rate: 0.7% / horizontal gauge
  • Cotton weight: 1200gr / m2
  • Cotton standard: Micro cotton antibacterial 1.4DX38mm-Nano silver antibacterial nano-silver technology
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Related quality certification:
  • Product standards conform to the European standard OEKO-TEX100 Standard
  • Product standards conform to American standards: US AATCC
  • Warranty: standard washing mode
Warranty : 100 times washing or 1 year

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