Dancing Fish Moving Electronic Floppy Cat Toy

Dancing Fish Moving Electronic Floppy Cat Toy

Our pets are just like our kids. This is why we are always ready to provide them with all the chances to have fun, grow healthier, and become smarter. If you're a cat owner and want the same for your little furball, then there's nothing better than getting this excellent dancing fish moving electronic floppy cat toy for them.
Made under the highest quality and control standards by Petaz Australia , this automatic moving and dancing fish toy is sure to provide your cat with the ultimate playing opportunity. Investing in this fantastic product is sure to make your cat active and healthier.

Product Features
Let us have a look at some unique features of this dancing fish moving electronic floppy cat toy here below.
Soft and Non-toxic Material
This fish toy is made out of the softest cotton and is very plushy to touch. Such softness makes it a completely safe toy for your cats to play with in whatever way they want.
Moreover, the material has been graded, keeping hazards in view. Therefore, it is free of any toxins or allergens that can otherwise harm your pets.
Built-In Touch Sensor
This toy does not require you to do anything to start or stop it from working. Instead, it comes with a very sensitive built-in touch sensor that allows it to turn on and start working every time your pet touches or kicks it.
Upon activation, this dancing fish moving electronic floppy cat toy starts making a sound as it swings and moves. This combination of sound and swinging movements thus attracts your cat to play and chase this fish toy.

Catnips Filled
Catnips are green-colored plants commonly found in China and some other parts of Europe, and their smell is said to work wonders for the cats. This plush toy comes with catnips' fillings to help the cats feel happier and fresh. Mostly, cats can be relieved of depression when they smell this plant consistently.
• Realistic fish look
• Keeps the pet moving and happy
• Toxin-free soft material

• Catnips might not work for every cat
This dancing fish moving electronic floppy cat toy is an excellent investment for cat owners who cannot find anything to get their pet rid of boredom. It is not only a great way to let your cats have fun but also helps them stay active, thus keeping them in good health.

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