Best Mattress Protector for an Australian Family

Chaba Mattress Protector Cover Double Size

A mattress is a long-term investment, as is a mattress cover. For this reason, it is usually recommended that you ensure the one you have your eyes on can do the job required of it. This piece dives into why you need a mattress protector, and it provides a recommendation on the best mattress protector cover for an Australian family.

Do You Need It?

A mattress was made to be slept on, right? For most persons, clean sheets provide all the cover needed so, why get a protector?

The mattress protector has two main functions, which are:

⦁ Protecting the mattress
⦁ Preserving the health of those sleeping on the mattress

Protecting the Mattress

The first aspect of this is the cleanliness of the mattress. While it is true that you can clean it using a vacuum cleaner, the way standard mattresses are built prevents complete removal of dust and stains. This is the reason unprotected ones can be permanently stained so easily even though effort is put into keeping them spotless.

Furthermore, moisture is the enemy of a mattress and cleaning cannot undo the continuous structural damage that liquids such as water and sweat cause. Protectors (especially waterproof ones) act as shields and absorb the moisture, which leaves the mattress structurally sound.

Preserving the Health of Those Sleeping on the Mattress

This is the more important factor in your selection as the best mattress protector is the one that does the best job of providing you with a healthy resting experience.

Whether someone sleeping on the mattress is susceptible to allergies or not, there is no benefit having unwanted substances such as dust mite waste products in your body. Such waste products get into and irritate the lungs and airway linings. Children are the most likely of victims as these can cause various skin conditions or things like asthma attacks (for those who are asthmatic).

Mattress protectors are best suited for prevention of these issues as they do not hold the harmful substances themselves, and they prevent said substances from infiltrating the mattress.

Which Protector Should You Get?

Chaba is a maker of quality mattress protectors in Australia. They provide protectors for all bed sizes, which are made of a comfortable cotton and polyester blend. Once you locate one which is appropriately sized, there is no doubt that you are making an investment in the best mattress protector for an Australian family.

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